The Aabye's Baby Archive

Aabye's Baby started out as an ezine on a Geocities hosted web-site in 1998.

It moved to a new site on October 1st 1999.

Most of the pages from the Geocities site were transferred, including archived pages. The design of all pages was completely revamped.

In August 2001 it stopped accepting new contributions and the contents of the web-site were transferred to an archive holding a total of 120 pages.

In October 2002 the Aabye's Baby web-site became unavailable. 82 pages were transferred to a new archive. No new material was accepted but biographical notes and links were updated as appropriate.

That site closed in January 2006, although parts of it are still accessible. Unfortunately some pages carry forwarding links to an aborted website.

In April 2006, a new foreshortened archive was created, which was transfered here in November 2006. Links and biographical notes will continue to be updated.

Aabye's Baby was never an online version of the printed magazine Aabye, published by New Hope International. The contents of the two magazines were entirely different.

The Aabye's Baby Archive: Index
Shanta AcharyaThe Homecoming
Derek AdamsAchilleus
Gregory Santo ArenaTo Bring Her Cups
Joanna AshwellMarch Of The Wasp
Asha Mohan AshuDynamic Euphoria
Liz AtkinAn Elegant Hearse
Elissa BarmackVisit
Jim BennettThe Miracle
Ruth BidgoodThe Huntsman
Dave BishopIn The Earth
Margaret BolesDockyard Ghost
Peter De VilleAids and Wordsworth
Isobel DixonVeld
Christine EnglandHollingworth Lake
Frank FaustLygon Street
Mabel FerrettChequer-Board
Eliza Gibbons40░ in B˙zios
Martin GrampoundWarnings
Sally JamesA Cross Woman
Ursula KiernanDodo
Ursula KiernanMother Love
Joan Payne KincaidGoing In
Ken KirkFor My Cypriot Neighbour, Despina
Paul McDonaldIn Tianamen Square
Giovanni MalitoThree poems in Italian and two in French
John MarksInterlude
Alan MarshfieldNature Study
Rochelle Hope MehrThe Weydenhammer Portrait
Farzana MoonLullabies In The Night
Sheila E. MurphyFurnishings
Ise ObomhenseTake Me
Michael PeverettThree Poems from F O T O
David PikeThe Gurning Lady of Lydiard Park
Kenneth PoboThe Watcher On The Shore
Frances SbrocchiThe Ambition
K V SkeneYou And I And The Volcano
Florentin SmarandacheSinging In The Rain
Mandy SmithTo Suffer The Washing-Machine
Adrian SpendlowBlighted, Starving
Victoria TarraniFlorida Trip
Terrilynn TownsWrestling Rain
Bill WestSanguinaria Canadensis Papaveraceae
Sean WoodwardMeditations On Ginsberg
Graham WordenHoryu-ji

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