Aabye's Baby
I've chosen silence
Because I can talk anytime I choose.
Because it's the last edict
Of the Witch's Creed
Because I need
To empty anger
Because there's no chance
Of being misunderstood
Or having every single piece
Of your life catalogued for the ignorant.
I've chosen silence
Because it's easier than zazen
Easier than a pilgrimage
Through a hundred Arabian gardens
Of Yves St Lauren blues
Broken mosaics
Wild moons
And empty wells.
I've chosen silence
Because you know whose voice
You're listening to
Can unleash the soul
Upon its chosen journey
In a moment.
I've chosen silence
Amidst all the meditations
Of Ginsberg, Kerouac and Dylan
I've chosen silence
And now
My vow, it's broken
Sean Woodward edits the internet journal Living Poets. His poetry has been published by East Midlands Arts, Leicester Haymarket Theatre and magazines such as Staple, Moonstone and Poetry Nottingham. His band, Gothick, were featured on Thelema Coast to Coast podcast 14. Sean's artwork has been used by the Campaign for Real Ale and the British Association of Myasthenics. Described as a "new Rennaisance man" for his multi-faceted work, he now exclusively utilises a digital paintbox and the World Wide Web as his gallery. He has exhibited mailart in Canada, USA, Luxembourg and elsewhere. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Sean Woodward, 1999
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