Aabye's Baby
Three poems from F O T O
33. (View of mountains)

Each morning I live in the face of untravelled lands
but I can't come now. Knee-deep in bilberries and fern-fronds

high up above the highway and the bay, I'm busy but
each night I sleep in the grip of untravelled lands.

34. (Rallarrosen - "the navvy's rose")

No trace now of the anxious, sprawling camps,
no clanking barrows, no chinking hammer, no men.

Empty land, but alive. The unsweet roses
throw a blast of silent plumes after the train.

35. (Birch woods - Riksgränsen)

We called through the open door. Yes, it was a cafe,
and yes, she could do us coffee, though nothing to eat.

She balanced the tray slowly across the granite ground
to the only table. And after all it had a few cakes on it.
Michael Peverett Michael Peverett is a poet, critic and naturalist who lives in Frome, Somerset, UK. He is Anglo-Swedish. More of his work can be seen at http://michaelpeverett.blogspot.com and he also writes regularly for the blogzine Intercapillary Space. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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