Aabye's Baby
Echo of fake appearances so mysterious
Be merry; Are you in despair?
Get out of it, enter a new world.
here comes the introspection
- find a strange fascination.

Quit the conventions
Omit all feelings
And expand vision
The see-through concentration
Confronts abstract transparency
Rest unconsciously in oblivion.

Ecstasia hits you into an electric dementia
From inferno to paradise
Invest the treasured memories
In the profound realms of heavenly pleasure.

The charisma might work forever.

Living in a wonderland of fantasy
Forget the oubliette
And bring yourself in for an autopsy.

Remain like that!!!
Photograph of Asha Asha Mohan Ashu is a postgraduate in English Literature from Rajasthan. She has published a number of poems in Indian magazines and a collection COMMUNION. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Poem & Photograph
Asha Mohan Ashu, 1999
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