Aabye's Baby
Mystic mothers through lesser others
twist God's guard guiding the followers
of the trend to bend from Him to Her

Fruitful and full and high they feel
a healing from the grounding thereof
and where is God still above?

Is there a highest anymore
or do we just rise higher and higher
through the uppermost floor?
take back the right to howl into night?
groove me a tantric woman
and honor the sacredness
of the blessed mother girl?

The vague
the power in her
the complicated in-direct call
to fall from grace
and place the gal on top

Screw the fop
go all the way and say
goddess to bless the soul

Mother nature mother earth
nomenclature pain of birth
and what of heaven

"o, earth," they pray, "guide us
may we save thee, pave thee with gold"
...and...that...deity of old
what of Him?

Is the earth the fitter end
or is there anything new ahead to
who believes that this is it
or is it now that we just return
to learn this populated Ball
becomes the end all and be all
and is it all here?

Could it possibly be fear
leading us, pleading us to chase
the fail of our own tales
back to the beginning
rather than trusting the end
or do I too begin again
if I believe in being born again?

In whose wet womb am I belonging in?
is there room in my Father as Creator
as a he?

Catechismically speaking, God is a spirit
neither man nor woman
is that not news?
how few of their Masses have a clue
did you?

"So serious, tedious one
we have been there and gone
days past and shackles broken
She has spoken and the diva knows best
girlfriend has got it going on"
well, if the apple keeps the doctor away
eat it
and run

Photo of authorTerrilyn Towns lives in Des Moines, WA. USA. She is an actor who has appeared on TV and in films including ER, Chicago Hope, and Copland. She has appeared in theatre on Broadway, at the Seattle Rep, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival and elsewhere. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Terrilynn Towns, 2001
Terrilynn Towns, 2001
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