Aabye's Baby
The gurning lady of Lydiard Park
will only train after dark,
for many complex
and varied reasons;

some ponder
and suggest there is, perchance,
a special gurning season,
perhaps, in the long dark hours
of winter months?

Others have a different hunch
and surmise
the strange and hideous faces
she pulls
have somehow damaged her eyes,
making her nocturnal
in operational matters
relating to all things gurnal,
and it's hard to know
who's wrong or right -
but it doesn't register two-hoots, really
because the gurning lady of Lydiard Park
will only train after dark,
so conjecture, supposition and patter
are all very well,
but when it comes to gurning
in the park
at the end of the day
(in the dark),
no-one sees her,
so it doesn't matter.
photo of author David Pike lives in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK. He has had three books published: Sentinel Of The Row, (novel), On The Ridge, (poems) and A Cold Night For Norman, (short stories). He is editor of Pulsar Poetry Magazine. His poetry has also been published in numerous small press magazines, newspapers and on web sites including Zimmerzine. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Poem & Photograph
David Pike, 2001
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