Aabye's Baby

The sign
Says take me,
I am for free.

Dark pools of
Shimmering oil
Pierced my insides.

The sorrowful sounds
Of a dog whimpering,

Reminds me
Of a crying baby.
Held in the arms
Of a stranger

The knife held at my throat
Bares a historical mark
The mark of repentance
To all

But I remember the sign
That says,
Take me
I am for free.

And tears
Fall from my eyes
To my lips.

I taste the fountain of grief
Take me
I am for free.

Photo of the authorIse Obomhense lives in Kingston-upon-Thames, UK. She has a BA in English Literature and a minor in Communications from Richmond College (The American University in London). Currently she is persuing an MA in English Literature at Kingston University. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Poem & Photograph
Ise Obomhense, 2000
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