Aabye's Baby
Too many answers and too many questions
going in and out of windows
used to be easy/ a game for children
holding hands and dancing

now in a nodding quandary
song and performance lost in an absurd
entity confronting me with defaults
defecating obscene messages

in dreary computerese down-spiral
initiating weird loss of self
in monologues of fascistic proportions
allocating obsessional manuals

and tinkering severe loss of time
collision of sadistic trickery
chapters that refer to others
like some cemetery-maze

day after day drugged
empty dolls in the rain
incapable of rational response
a great deception of rescuer

you want to enter
as a starving person
who knows food
just out of reach

lover whose softness turned to glass
whose gifts are grown narcissistic
deceptive promises and proselytizing;
silent violent war, break-down of faith.
Joan and dogJoan Payne Kincaid lives in Sea Cliff, NY, USA, with her husband, two children, six siamese cats and a Dobie. A former opera-concert singer, she now writes and paints. Her poems have been published internationally in magazines and on the internet including Pickings. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Poem & Photograph
Joan Payne Kincaid, 1999
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