Aabye's Baby
Photo of Hollingworth Lake The dark deep drowning water
Reflects the harsh blue neon sign
The yellow street-lamps
And the soft moon-glow

What hungry yearning
Beneath the surface
makes people return to gaze
at the lake they have seen before?

The shiny blackness of the water
Drowns the noise of cars
On the motorway, high above.
Causes voices to whisper
In the artificial stillness.

A cough here
Would shatter the world.
Christine England was born in Rochdale, UK. Her past hobbies have included keeping tropical fish and making bobbin lace. Her poems have appeared in a number of magazines in the UK, USA, Italy and Argentina. A collection of her work, FUTURES, jointly with Gerald England was published by the Magic Pen Press. She is the mother of Ian and Craig. Other poems can be found on The Zimmerzine Archive and Pickings
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Christine England, 1999
Gerald England, 1999
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