Aabye's Baby
Our touring guide has said
pagodas show us fullness
with emptiness made good -
each slot air-tight to its wood

And it is
a tease of pleasure
as you discover the ease
with which this one
guides wooden weight
through weight until
weightlessly absolute

She moves on adding
there's not a single nail
how nothing at all
is pegging this together —

that all this towering height
of five great storeys
from before 680
has been down
to the longstanding
hang of gravity.

And so
we onlookers warm
to thought deriving from
the way it all (invariably)
does conform.

Graham Worden was brought up in Kent, UK, but has lived and worked in Manchester since 1984. He has travelled quite a lot and once lived in Tokyo for two years. His poems have appeared in Agenda and PN Review, along with other anthologies such as the Lancaster Lit Festival. He sings as a tenor in The Hallé Choir. He paints portraits, abstract landscapes, naturalistic landscapes, still lives and optical art. To view his artwork visit his website at http://grahamworden.com/. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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