Aabye's Baby
While you are picking your people
carry a small jar of water.
(This will keep your people fresh.)

To press the people open them out flat.
(It is best to press the centre of the person
with your thumb.)

Then put the person inside some blotting paper.

Put this inside an old book
and on top of the book put a few bricks.

After about seven weeks
the person will be ready.

Then lay out the person
in the pattern you want him
on some hardboard.

When you have done this
put a tiny piece of Copydex
on the hardest part of the person
and stick him in place.

Then carefully put the finished person
in a frame.

You then have a very pretty person picture.
Photo of author Alan Marshfield has a website at http://www.abraxaspress.co.uk/. He has been published in book form by Anvil and Oasis and in journals including the Times Literary Supplement and The Kenyon Review. He describes himself as a modernist, a stylist, often a mannerist, occasionally a minimalist. To him phrasing should be harmonically and semantically rewarding. He works in realist and surrealist modes. He narrates, he meditates, he does myth, metaphysics and sometimes real people. He publishes translations of poetry from Classical Greek, Latin, Thai, Finnish, French, German and Italian. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Poem & Photograph
Alan Marshfield, 2000
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