Aabye's Baby
I got to see you
The lips of the dreams themselves whisper
Lullabies in the night
The stars in your eyes
Murmuring endearments
Sweet promises
Shafts of light
Warmth and sunshine
Your Presence most cherished
How bliss melts into arms of rapture
And rapture bathes the soul of dewdrops in love
The eyes of dawn bright and smiling
The song-birds welcoming
The winds dancing and frolicking
But the rude gaze of Sun
Burns through the fabric of Reality
Scorched dreams crumbling
Into a heap of cinders
Blind thoughts searching for Muse
Cold, cold ashes
Soulless dreams
Drifting, fading, kindling again
With the fever of madness
Farzana Moon is a teacher, bibliophile, poet, historian and playwright. She writes Sufi poetry, historical, biographical Moghul sagas and plays based on the stories from religion and folklore. Included in her writing ventures are one novella and a collection of short stories. Another completed work in fiction is a book about the Sufis and Mystics of the world. Published sagas are: Babur, The First Moghul in India; The Moghul Exile; The Divine Akbar and Holy India; The Moghul Hedonist; Glorious Taj and Beloved Immortal. Her latest book Answers from Mount Hira Muhammad: The First Sufi of Islam is available from Dreamcatcher Books. Two poems can viewed on The Zimmerzine Archive. She has a homepage at http://my.cfanet.com/~sfdatta/ The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Farzana Moon, 1999
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