Aabye's Baby
Wasps swarm everywhere -
under the bed
beneath the floor
behind the door
beside the chair.

Wasps are invading inside
a honey-comb of lives
meshed behind windows,
breaking the glass.
A torrent of wings
streaking the walls
black, gold, gold-black.

This is their new home
they're evicting us
amidst the shrubbery.

We nest like vermin
coating our tongues with pollen.
Buzzing with thanks
releasing our kept souls
free of the cages
we take to the air
with a sting in our tails
to make them proud.
Joanna Ashwell lives in Barnard Castle, Co.Durham, UK. She works in a local Adult Education Centre. She reads a lot of poetry and enjoys American writers and haiku. She is very interested in the different styles of foreign writers. Read a review of her collection Between Moonlight. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Joanna Ashwell, 1999
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