Aabye's Baby

"The ambition for robes of office has long since turned to loathing..." Han Yu

When I put on my robes
of office, I wait for someone
to light a candle
and pray over my corpse.

When I walk in my robes
of office, I'm a ghost. Kids
think I'm scary. They're
right. I scare myself too.

At home when I remove
my robes of office, I stand
naked for a few moments.
I'm not eye candy, but

briefly I'm a handsome
prince, my robes of
office kicked into a heap
against a wall,

an indigo bunting
rising from grass,
a cup of feathers
heaven stirs.

Kenneth Pobo was born in 1954 in Villa Park, Illinois, USA. His interests include collecting weird 45s from the 60s, especially psychedelia, bubblegum, and garage music, gardening, and reading. He started writing at age 15 under the influence of Tommy James and the Shondells and still writes under their influence. His latest book is Ordering: A Season In My Garden (Higganum Hills Books, 2001). He has another poem on The Zimmerzine Archive. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Kenneth Pobo, 2000
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