Aabye's Baby
Photograph of dog
a Boston Terrier

My little dog, Dodo, has black bulbous eyes
and a squashed-up excuse for a nose.
He's loved by old ladies, they make this quite plain.
but relations with me have come under some strain!

Today, he had Tippex all over the floor
and he did for my specs while I went to the door.
He takes buttons from blouses and laces from shoes
and regards table legs as his own special chews.

My friends side with Dodo. They say with a cough
they can tell that poor Dodo is not loved enough.
And Dodo responds to their oohs and their ahs
with sorrowful gazing and four frantic paws!

I think I must love him a helluva lot
since his 'walkies' are sacrosanct, no matter what!
Well. I note as I buffet through bucketing rain
that his raincoat keeps rain out much better than mine!

I make do with the drumstick while he has the breast
and the armchair he sleeps in of course is the best.
And aren't I the one who goes round with a bin
collecting the doodahs that Dodo has done!
Photo of authorUrsula Kiernan is an ex-advertising copywriter and retired psychotherapist. She has published three full collections: FISH THAT SING, ONLY SICILIAN LEMONS and HOUSE OF THE LEFT-HAND DOOR. All available at 4 each from the author at 16a Lower Street, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 2BL. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Poem & Photographs
Ursula Kiernan, 1999
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