Aabye's Baby
She calls in the night,
in the blindness of three AM,
her black loam throbbing . . .

This is not the first time
I've slipped away to be with her.
We've made love on the breasts of hills
and wrapped ourselves in thickets
at high noon.

Not always gently.
I have peeled the sod from her shoulders
and slid into her steel hard
made her bleed.
And still she loved me.

I have dressed her in clothes
unbecoming her nature,
and made her lay bare on cold nights.
I have taken food away
from the mouths of her babes.

And now, again, this night
I lay with her cold this time.
And once again she takes me in.
Dave Bishop Dave Bishop has a small farm near Atlanta, IL. US. He operates Rural Image, an earth orientated business that combines high tech computer services and web page design with low tech projects such as native landscape restoration and nature connect activities. He has published 7 collections of poetry and short stories, and has over 100 published articles, essays, and poems. He has another poem on the Zimmerzine Archive. The Aabye's Baby Archive
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Poem & Photograph
Dave Bishop, 1999
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