All the poems displayed on these pages are taken from publications available from New Hope International.

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Pickings: Index
Novin AfrouzHope of Peace
Don AmmonsMoon and Shadow
Peter BakowskiThe Wounded Ocean
Gillian Bence-JonesMy Father
Patricia BishopThunder on the Left
Brian BlackwellCrow
Stewart BrownStillborn
Jozo T BuskovskiFive Poems
Malcolm BradleyTwo Journeys
Tony BuzanHer Wrinkled Hand
Jonathan CarrollBedtime at the O.K. Corral
Cal ClothierTo Walk Into Deep Water
David CobbSix Haiku
Stanley CookComing from Sheffield
Tony CosierRolly Wicker
Andrew DarlingtonShyama/ Leeds LS6
Marguerite EdmondsClimbing Arran Mawddy
Roger ElkinLark
John ElsbergComplexity (out-takes)
John ElsbergFace Up
Ian M. EmbersonJill & Sylvia
Christine EnglandTapestry
Gerald EnglandGreta Garbo on the Blackpool Bus
Gerald EnglandLimbo Time
Sally EvansBasil's Land
Mabel FerrettHope Is A Sharpened Axe
Mabel FerrettOppression
Peter FinchThe Strange Life of Mr Jones
Brent GarnerClown
Hugh HallLethe at Bristol
Thomas HardyWhere The Picnic Was
Bill HeaddonThe Milking
S.L. Henderson SmithHaworth
Graham HighStrings
Brian Merrikin HillThe Party
Nicki JackowskaTransfusion for a Lunar Lady
David JaffinThe Wall
Mike JenkinsFires and the Comet
M.A.B. JonesWordsworth House, Cockermouth
Joan Payne Kincaid70 Slugs In One Day
Ken KirkNight Shift
Pauline KirkSquirrel
James KirkupThe Guitar-Player of Zuiganji
Thomas KretzPre-Marital Honeymoon in Paris
Cecily LambertKeats' Grove
Emma LeeTesting
Anne Lewis-SmithFirst
John LindleyScarecrow Crimes
Richard LivermoreEpitaph for The Late Bourgeoisie
Rupert M. LoydellBreathing Gently
Mabel McGowanCycle
Giovanni MalitoI Can Forgive Her Almost Anything
Rupert MallinAcross The Stour Valley
John MarksShelley
Sue Mills & Ferris GilliThe Furrow's End
Andrea MoorheadImage
Sheila E. MurphyGrandad at 5 a.m.
B.Z. NiditchMay in Prague
Mary NoakesThe Silent Pool Shere
Malcolm PayneTooth For A Tooth
Margaret PerkinsThe Woodyard
Paul ReeceRoadrunners on Lucozade
Paul ReeceScene In Serenity
Christopher PillingBach Prelude
Colin RobinsonFacts
Harriet RoseShipwreck
Joe RuggierYesterday
Albert RussoThe Peruvian Goddess
Colin SimmsWaymark Chestnut Kestrel
Ken Edward SmithThe Wrong Anger
Sam SmithNow, Here
Steve SneydA Mile Beyond The Bus
Steve SneydTributary Fractions
Sandra StaasLayers, Edinburgh
David StoneThe Missive of Q
David TiptonThe Cove
James H. TrottThe Northern Lights
John Waddington-FeatherSaskatchewan Corn-fields
Erica WagnerGlass
David WardSwedish Peachblossom Fire
John WardThe Wild Makes A Comeback
Maureen WeldonButterfly
George WilliamsonGlasgow Tenement Streets
Glenda WinteinIf
Christopher A. ZackeyThe Black Hole

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