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Clambering over the sharp
piled rock on my shoulders
Jane her hair almost orange
against granite grey sky black sea
Michi stumbling behind
with Ena still looking prim
& with an air of dignity,
to the little sandy cove
where we explore the rocks
& pools, the spray
& smell of sea fresh
in the nostrils;
a boulder mossy with seaweed
& algae, bulwark
against the sea's smash
where I sit with the girls,
spray thrown in our faces,
uplift of disintegrating foam
marbled soap-green undertow.
We prise limpets from quartz,
muscles like pink fibres
elastically cling suck,
on the mottled rocks
clusters of big red starfish:
throw stranded ones into the waves,
search in the sand for shells;
the four of us small vulnerable in the shadow
of cliff sea sky,
isolated together isolated,
cocooned & isolated each
with our nets of anxiety,
nerves transmitting sensual
joy, minds flittering.
Here the four of us, alone
& only a tremor of the rift
or distant gunshots worry me.
Headland #7

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