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Who is not here? I have invited all
who said they wished to come or whom I sought.
As they sit round the room I hear their small
insistent voices interrupting thought.

There is no vacant chair; and every kind
of conversational gambit is arranged.
Bishop and scientist, painter, brilliant mind
clatter their cups and tell why things have changed,

and what will happen, what is needed. Those
I love are here, the dark brown girl, the sage
whose bitter words fall wisely. Yet I close
the door regretfully, I search the page

of invitations for the missing name.
Who is not here? Oh whose step by the door
do I most anxiously await with shame?
Than all these one forgotten matters more.
New Hope International Review Vol.19 #4

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Brian Merrikin Hill 1917 - 1997

Many will be saddened by the news of the death of Brian Merrikin Hill on February 19th 1997 at the age of eighty. He will be remembered for many things: as a progressive educationalist; for his editorship of Pennine Platform; and, above all, as a poet. Hill had written poetry on and off all his life, though it was only in his later years that he had the leisure to devote himself to his art. His early poems have a wonderful precision and objectivity: "See in the fire / blue wraiths that climb / the crimson stair / beyond the flame" (POEM FOR THIS FIRESIDE). In his later work, Hill's thoughtworld pervades the poetry — a thought-world derived largely from Shelly, but frequently expressed in the images of Christianity. His sympathy is primarily with those who, like the penitent thief and Mary Magdalen, achieve redemption, and "gain identity by love" (ARDA MORA).

Ian M. Emberson

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