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If we girls were made of metal
with a steering wheel and seat,
if we had a dashboard
and wheels instead of feet,
if we had an engine
instead of just a heart
if we only had those gadgets
men love to take apart
if we had brakes,
number-plates and clutch,
whenever our men handled us
they'd tremble at the touch,
If we were prone to body rot
then they'd lay down on their backs
beneath our rusting structure
filling in those crucial cracks.
If our intake was just petrol,
water, oil and air
then our car-mad maniacs
would give us loving care,
If we had indicators,
built-in radio-cassette,
if they could drive us anywhere
then it's a dead sure bet
we'd be so well-thought of
we'd be their pride and treasure
They'd be at our mercy
to toy with at our leisure
What a driving thought, girls,
with our chosen miles-per-hour
We could bewitch our car mad men,
with our brain-free gear-box power.
The Irresistible Rose
ISBN 0 903619 15 9

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