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a traditional nijuin spring renku between
Sue Mill (Australia) and Ferris Gilli (USA)

a clay road -
bobwhites in a line
hop from the ditch

at the furrow's end,
one faint hoofprint

wedding reception
the bride kicks off
her borrowed shoes

from the valley head
the murmur of a clear waterfall

under the full moon
shrieks of laughter

in the hammock's fold
a black widow

the voodoo doll
dangles in the breeze
lightning tears the sky

mending his favorite jeans -
her careful stitches

beside the bed
their discarded clothing
in a single pile

alien teeth fill the screen -
scattered popcorn

the little boy
hefts a wooden sword-
his father's big grin

beach sign nailed to a post
no cars allowed - turtles nesting

crescent moon in Scorpio
swaying orange lanterns
hold back the night

a crumbling outhouse
Virginia creeper bars the door

rotten straw
scarecrow's right arm
lying limp on the ground

sparks spiral upwards
from the cottage chimney

secret recipe
from a worn notebook -
rotini in the soup

New Year's promise -
fingers crossed behind his back

a soft humming
on Easter Sunday
bees in the dogwood

spring shower -
frog chorus fills the air

The Art of Haiku 2nd edn.
ISBN 0 903610 24 8

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