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resurrection of body and soul, flowering still reaches,
deep harmonious and abiding.

victory of senses stilled with rock, poison and gills
floating, surface lies unbroken steel, unbroken trail, trailing
all glory fastness and sound, o milk of my mother's keeping,
startling song, birds, floral heights of stars ... weary ungodly
and deceiving maker, o stones have gathered, and in this richness
lain : song sweet dreams, mirth wild captor and this very marvel
sense of rain. o deep and abiding, peace without all startling
seeds. seas. seasons are lost by night in flesh my rain has
controverted time. unrest your gills have flourish peace,
wild soils and this very easy sound of rain. cross in flames.
bird without light, and this deepest night, etched in rain.
The Hallamshire & Osgoldcross Poetry Express #7

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