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Selections from Ukku Spring Haiku 2006

Alan Summers
outdoor artist—
the thick bandana pushes
his eyebrows down
Alan Summers
Spring thaw—
my neighbours
who are they I wonder?
low, white, fluffy, heaped
the BBC tell me

out my window
I see roof tiles & smudges
and a closing sky

Alan Summers
just the one model
getting out in curlers—
Spring rain
Alan Summers
coolness of spring rain
waiting with the bus queue
on my new cut hair
Alan Summers
It was cold, it was wet, both rain and hail, and my three friends reminded me of "Three Girls in the Rain" by Kuniyoshi

This photo was taken (Saturday April 8th) at Bristol's Brunel200 event to celebrate Isambard Kingdom Brunel's 200th birthday, performed by 200 saxophonists with Andy Sheppard.

muddy feet
three women
in the rain


stormy weather
three women
having a giggle


chucking it down
ladies dancing
in the rain


These three haiku were taken from:

PARADE OF LIFE: POEMS INSPIRED BY JAPANESE PRINTS, selected by Paul Conneally & Alan Summers. ISBN: 09539234-2-8

Over 300 schoolchildren and other individuals wrote more than 400 poems inspired by art at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery's 'Parade of Life' Japanese Print Exhibition as part of the Bristol Poetry Festival and Japan2001 Festival.
'Parade of Life' is very impressive. — HIROAKI SANO, Japanese Embassy, London, U.K.
Alan Summers
Easter Breakfast

scrambled eggs & salmon -
the Cabot Tower's angel
gets a pigeon fly past

Alan, Resident haiku poet at Bristol's haiku café

Bristol's Cabot Tower, images & comments
Alan Summers
through binoculars
the gleam of sunlight
a greenfinch’s beak

jackinthegreen is a cropped jpg image of original art by Maureen Alderslade, artist with the Art House
last but one stop
she coughs into bubblegum —
i step off somewhere new

Alan Summers East[er] bank holiday—
lots of sirens up my hill
on my way down
just by a nose
a warm after-Easter glow...
the green between roofs
Alan Summers
Alan Summers
Alan Summers is a Japan Times award-winning poet based in Bristol, UK. He is a visiting tutor for The Poetry School at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute. His haiku blog is Area 17 and his website is with words.

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