The Art of Haiku

Selections from Ukku Spring Haiku 2006
spring breeze
against a cloud filled sky
the roar of jets
temple bells
once again through
pear blossoms
bitter coffee
red and white Easter lilies
nod in the breeze
Easter morning —
hidden in the old grapevine
a bulbul's new nest
another Easter
the jacaranda fades into
a lilac sky
dull dusty day
in my workworn hands
a painted egg
dry dusty day
in my workworn hands
painted eggs
passing spring
my sneeze rearranges
the pollen
spring cleaning—
the scent of lavender
on those letters
across and down
the forgotten crossword puzzle
a patch of sun
Angelee Deodhar
Dr. Angelee Deodhar is an opthalmologist by profession. She is a haiku poet, artist and translator from India who turned to haiku almost two decades ago. She has translated from the English into Hindi, two books of haiku "If Someone Asks...Masaoka Shiki's life and haiku" and "Classic Haiku... A master's selection". She has no website of her own but her work can be seen on several websites. Read a review of her collection Pail in Hand

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The other contributors were Aurora, John Barlow, Jason Sandford Brown, Norman Darlington, Dustin aka Texas Haijin, Eric Dutton, Little Onion, Matt Morden, RedGreenBen, Sangeet, Timothy and Yansidara.

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