The Art of Haiku

Selections from Ukku Spring Haiku 2006

busy traffic-
a girls spins in bubbles
she's made by the road
Alan Summers
snow shower...
indoors but I'm reminded
of a Charles Chaplin film

cold wet bench
a little more to wait
for the train
fat flakes
the snow fades to the colour
of the dress shop roof
Alan Summers
tossed out long ago
the red shirt
becoming pink with snow

I'm sorry, but the snow is coming down thick n'fast in Bradford-on-Avon, and I'm like a kid when it snows.

Got out of my jimjams now, and puttin' on my snow boarding jacket!

brrrrrrrrrr the snow still comin' down in lovely fat flakes, straight down, spiralling, one direction t'other, brilliant!
Alan Summers
granite slabs
so cool under my feet—
Tokyo station frogs!

image © Alan Summers 2002
Alan Summers
Crow and me were part of THE HUMAN ZOO with taxi driver/performance artist/performance prose raconteur Lee Coombes. We were taking turns behind the window of a shut down shop as part of the Bath Fringe Festival.

So bear in mind, this rather damp and rainy 'almost spring' day that any empty shop fronts might harbour me, or crow, or a leotard wielding masked wrestler —Lee.

caffeine overload—
Crow orders imported lager
and fizzy pop for me
Alan Summers
image © Naked Haijin Productions

near Ashino, Japan
The poet monk Saigyō immortalized a certain willow in poetry.

saigyō's willow -
the sound of purple
with a tiny frog
Alan Summers
dusk at the golf club
part of a marker pole
a tawny frogmouth
Alan Summers
image © With Words 2005

Spring Equinox—
the pre-Winter footage
of earthquake Kashmir

low over the hill
a red moon waxes ...
the empty road ahead

Please consider visiting, and even giving a tiny donation to Islamic Relief U.K.
Alan Summers
image © Naked Haijin Productions

warmer longer days-
it's too good to spend indoors
doing spring cleaning
Alan Summers file under c for cat
rain & then hail
just a little spring cleaning
for me and the street
Alan Summers
Alan Summers is a Japan Times award-winning poet based in Bristol, UK. He is a visiting tutor for The Poetry School at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute. His haiku blog is Area 17 and his website is with words.

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