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Selections from Ukku Spring Haiku 2006
signs of spring
fresh graffiti
on a downtown train

signs of spring
the homeless man's
brand new sneakers

signs of spring
a bikini-clad
signs of spring
if only I could see just one
sign of spring
March sunshine
the girl at the coffee shop
calls me "hon"
filing my taxes
dandelion seeds
in the air
first day of Spring
cigarette butts emerge
from the snow pile
spring snow
finches build a nest
in a dried-out wreath
spring snow
the poet hunkers down
at the end of the bar
finally spring
the scent of her hair
Paul David Mena
Paul David Mena aka ExtraSpecialBitter was born in New York and now lives in Wayland, Massachusetts, where he works as a computer professional in the financial industry. He has been writing haiku since 1992, has published three chapbooks and has contributed to numerous haiku journals, both on-line and traditional. Among his ongoing projects is an effort to combine his haiku with his wife Mary's black-and-white photography and making it available on the World Wide Web. His own website is

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The other contributors were Aurora, John Barlow, Jason Sandford Brown, Norman Darlington, Dustin aka Texas Haijin, Eric Dutton, Little Onion, Matt Morden, RedGreenBen, Sangeet, Timothy and Yansidara.

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