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cover90 minutes of poetry and music celebrating 20 years of small press publishing by editor Gerald England.
audio-cassette tape only
Sample poem

Gerald England The First Poem of the New Year
Mabel Ferrett Hope Is A Sharpened Axe
Mario Petrucci Vista
Philip Woodrow Wyzywyg Looks In The Mirror
Peneli Kingfisher
John Francis Haines Captives
Tom Grierson Opium Sheets
Gerald England Stealing Kisses
Belinda Subraman Fan; Meat In Every Yard
Dave Cunliffe Old Lady Institution
Glenda Wintein Malcolm's Little Sister
Geoff Stevens Hawkeye
Roger Harvey The Sea; Homer
Andy Darlington In Praise of False Madonnas
Martin Grampound Merry Christmas
Joyce Robertson After The Sunset
John Ward The Widow
Erica Wagner A Fable
Peter Thabit Jones The School Joke Replies
Lord Litter Why Is The World So Grey
Eddie Flintoff Liverpool, Lime Street
Gerald England I Always Turn
Ian Emberson A Weed is a Flower in the Wrong Place; Homeward to Kettlewell
Mabel Ferrett The Hartshead Ballad
Ed Jewasinski Through The Deep Exit
Gwen Wade How To Treat T' Wife
John Ward Grandfather Best
Mabel McGowan Little Birds
Mario Petrucci Arran Rain
Roger Harvey The Flame Again
David Holliday Caedmon
Jeanine Cannizzo At The Zoo
Andy Savage Dr. Strangeaccent's Weight Watchers Club
Christine England The Twelve Days of Dieting (Piano: Victor Coward; Singer: Oswald Swindells)
Gerald England Fust Moiter-car
Glenda Wintein Baby Blue
Chris Challis Sad Paradise In A Printers Shop
Colin Nixon Case Conference Report (read by Betty Nixon)
Mabel McGowan These Lessons Life Has Taught Me
Geoff Stevens Englishman's Castle
William Imray Caris
Mabel Ferrett Checkmate
Tom Grierson Walking Blues
Peter Thabit Jones November Poppy, Grandfather's Medals
Chris Challis Los Gatos (with Christopher Terry)
Gerald England Ballade of Arthur Dent
Gwen Wade T' Dairymaid's Plaint (with Bill Cowley & Stanley Ellis)
William Imray Cat My Other Me
Mabel McGowan There Are Those Who Should Die Young
Chris Challis Elegy for Jack Kerouac
Gerald England The End of the 80s
Roger Harvey World Without End

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