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NHI General Links Page

Our general links page includes links to writing resources, literary bodies and other sites that don't fit into the categories catered for by our more specific links pages.

Around the World

This guide is both a record of old blogs and a listing of new blogs. Although originally arising from the "City Daily Photo Blog" lists it is an independent publication.

The criteria for inclusion are that photographs mainly from and related to a specific geographical location (not necessarily a "city" but usually more specific than a whole country or region) are posted at dated intervals (not necessarily daily) and archives are readily searchable by date.

Haiku Links

Our haiku links page generally only considers links to sites that adhere to our main policies, and contain content that is consistent with modern views of the genre.

Haiku Reviews only links to reviews carried on the NHI Review site.

Local links

We once maintained an extensive links page to internet sites connected with Tameside, but now we only link to those that are particularly interesting, informative and accessible.

Magazine links

Here we link both to ezines and the websites of printed magazines mainly poetry magazines.

We try not to link to sites that promote competitions heavily, nor to ezines that do not publish proper guidelines for authors.

New Zealand & Singapore Links

This page only links to those sites that are relevant to the places we visited during our March 2001 tour of The Land of the Long White Cloud.

Photographic links

This page links to photographic sites that we find interesting.

It links to discreet collections and a selection of webcams.

It doesn't link to blog sites. Regular CDPB sites are covered by our Around the World site.

Others may be linked to from my personal blog Ackworth born, gone West

Poets links

This page links to web pages belonging to individual writers.

We tend to link only to sites that have informative content.

Most of the authors whose sites we link to will have had a connection with NHI in some way or another.

Publisher links

This page links to the websites of publishers.

We favour links to small press publishers, provided their sites fit in with our general policies on links.

We do not knowingly link to vanity publishers.


This website has several distinct link pages covering different interests. This page sets out our policies with regards to links both from and to other websites. If you want to link to or from our site please read these notes first.

  • We don't like sites that play music, movies, etc. without asking the user first.

  • We won't link to sites buried in banner ads or web rings with no sign of real content.

  • We particularly like ones that do not shut out various browsers by the heavy use of javascript, flash, frames, or which expect the user to have a specific, particular browser.

  • If you write to us requesting a link, please use a sensible subject-line in your email, or we may simply delete your email unread, thinking it to be SPAM.

  • Don't write and just say look at this website as we probably won't. Tell us briefly what the site is, why a link from our site would be appropriate; which page we should link to it from; quote the full URL beginning http://

  • Whilst reciprocal links are often entertained, they should never be made a condition of linking. There must always be a reason, usually related to content, why a link is appropriate. A reciprocal link (either from us or to us) may not always be appropriate. Links for the sake of creating links are useless to readers of the page and denigrate the value of other links.

  • We regularly check our links using the Xenu linkchecker. Links that fail the check may be removed quickly, but often we will wait a while and try again manually before removing the link as sometimes a site may be down only temporarily.

  • Blogs: With certain exceptions, we don't normally link to blogs on our main links pages. However, appropriate blogs are linked to on the Ackworth born, gone West blog to where a reciprocal link would be expected.

Links to NHI

  • We welcome sites that link to our pages. However, we do request that webmasters email us and tell us when they link to us.

  • Authors and publishers are very welcome to link direct to individual review pages on the site.

  • We discourage sites from linking direct to our links pages and from linking directly to photographs on the site without prior permission.

  • Almost all work on our website is copyright and permission must be sought if anyone wishes to re-use work here published.

  • If you wish to link to us please consider linking to any of the pages on the right.

If you feel it appropriate to link to any other part of our website then please contact us first.

Sites to Link to

The home page for Gerald England, New Hope International, Wordwizards, Haiku Talk and Travel Photography.

New Hope International

Details of all the books/magazines published by NHI and a showcase for some of the work published therein.

New Hope International Review OnLine

An archive of independent small press poetry reviews covering magazines, books and other media, with links to authors and publishers.

Gerald England

Home page of Gerald England, with links to his poetry, articles and photography on the Internet.

Craig England

Home page for Craig, a young man with Downs Syndrome. Includes family photographs and links to sites with information on Downs Syndrome.

The Art of Haiku

A series of webpages supporting and expanding on the material in The Art of Haiku: a guide to haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, sedoka, sijo and other related genres, published by New Hope International.

Haiku Talk

A general discussion list for writers and others interested in haiku and related genres. A forum for news and views.


A showcase of work published in NHI publications.

Around the World

Around The World with Daily Photoblogs Old and New: a brief history of the City Daily Photoblog movement and a guide to sites around the world.

Cruise 2005

A web-journal by Gerald England recounting a cruise in July 2005 to Ireland, Greenland, Iceland & Norway.

Gee Cross & Hyde

Photographs of events in Gee Cross and Hyde; links to Tameside on the Internet and an account of Harold Fred Shipman, the murderous GP.

Island Photographs

Photographs by Gerald England of visits to the Scilly Isles, the Farne Islands, Tenerife and Crete.

Old Photographs

Old photographs (1961-1990) of England, Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire.

Land of the Long White Cloud

A web-journal by Gerald England recounting a visit in March 2001 to New Zealand via Singapore. Includes around 150 photographs as well as links to relevant websites.

Europe 2002

Journal of a 9-day coach holiday through 9 countries..

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