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These are links to both ezines and printed magazines. Please note that many print magazines do not accept email submissions. Writers should always seek out guidelines before submitting work to any magazine, be it electronic or in-print. If in any doubt, always send an email enquiry before submitting. Never send an attachment to an editor unless they have previously indicated that attachments are acceptable.

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Acumen a literary magazine edited by Patricia Oxley.
Crannˇg a literary magazine from Galway.
Dreams & Nightmares a magazine of fantastic poetry, established in 1986.

Envoi now under new editorship.
The Fiddlehead Canada's longest living literary journal.
Iota print magazine founded in 1987 by David Holliday, now edited by Bob Mee and Janet Murch.
Jacket an Australian literary magazine edited by John Tranter.

New Welsh Review a quarterly focused on Welsh writing in English.
Ol' Chanty Richard Livermore's Chanticleer Magazine online.
Other Poetry an in-print poetry magazine from the North of England.

Pennine Platform website of the long-standing Yorkshire based poetry magazine.
Poesy website of the poetry magazine founded by Brian Morrisey.
Poetry Salzburg Review twice-yearly magazine edited by Wolfgang G÷rtschacher .
Poetry Scotland an in-print poetry magazine from Scotland.
Pulsar a magazine from the Ligden Poetry Society.
Red Booth Review both an online and an in-print magazine.

Sentinel Poetry Movement publishing a monthly ezine and a quarterly print magazine.
Shadow Train an ezine edited by Ian Seed.
The Shop website of the Irish in-print magazine.
Snakeskin a well-established online poetry magazine.
Spoon River Poetry Review a twice-yearly journal from Illinois.
The Stinging Fly a literary magazine out of Dublin.
Stride Magazine poetry, prose, criticism and other arts topics.

Unlikely Stories a collection of literary art.
Vallum a twice-yearly poetry journal out of Montreal.
Verbatim a magazine devoted to what is amusing, interesting, and engaging about the English language and languages in general.
Weyfarers a long established poetry magazine out of Guildford.

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