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Journal of a 9-day coach holiday through 9 countries.

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This page last updated: 19th January 2016.

In May 2002 Christine and I took a coach-tour to Europe. This journal is the story of our trip.

Whilst this was not our most enjoyable holiday, there were some real highlights, as well as many heartaches. We chose a coach holiday because, since I started having attacks of what was thought to be vertigo in August 2001, I am unable to drive. At the time of the holiday I was still awaiting tests. After three years of being treated for vertigo the doctors finally got round to telling me it was just a bit of arthritis in my neck, but that's another story!

The journal consists of 9 pages each detailing one day in our journey.

The photographic section displays a selection of some of the photographs I took.

The left-hand panel has links enabling one to move to the beginning of either the journal or photograph album or to other relevant pages and sites.

At the bottom of each journal page are links to the photographs relevant to that day and to the next day's journal.

At the bottom of each photograph-album page are links to the journal for that day and to the next photograph.

There is a Sequential list of the photographs on the site. The alphabetical list includes photographs contained in other travel sets.

Journal Photographs