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Albert Dock, Liverpool, 1990
Albert Dock, Liverpool, April 2006
Angel of the North, July 2001
Arnside, July 1982
Ashton under Lyne: Bus-station at 6am, May 2002
Ashton under Lyne: Portland Basin, May 1999

Birnbeck Pier, Weston-super-Mare, April 2000
Blackpool across the River Ribble from Marshside, Southport, April 2003
Blackpool: Central Pier from the top of the Tower, June 1989
Blackpool: Illuminations from Squire's Gate, October 1985
Blackpool Illuminations: Street scene, October 2004
Blackpool: view from Cleveleys, October 2004
Blakemere: Craft Centre, May 2006
Blakemere: Gnomes for Sale, May 2006
Bleaklow Hill from Snake Pass Summit, January 1999
Bleak Torr & Torside Reservoir, November 2005
Booth's Well, Gee Cross, July 2004
Bowness-on-Windermere, March 2002
Bridge Street, Chester, September 2004
Brill Mill, Buckinghamshire, 1971
Buckinghamshire: Brill Mill, 1971
Buxton: Town Well, October 2000

Calshot Castle, July 2005
Chester: top of Bridge Street, September 2004
Chester: Gallows Hill, September 2004
Chester: Recorders Steps, September 2004
Chester: Tree Chair in Grosvenor Park, August 2005
Chester: Wood Sculpture in Grosvenor Park, August 2005
Cleveleys: Looking North towards the Lake District, October 2004
Cleveleys: Looking South towards Blackpool, October 2004
Corporation Street, Manchester, July 1998
Corporation Street, Manchester, December 1999

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Daisy Nook: Hollow Tree, October 2001
Darley Dale: Peak Rail, August 2000
Dover: Approaching the Harbour, May 2002
Dover: Entering the Harbour, May 2002
Dover: The White Cliffs, South Foreland, May 2002

Eurotunnel Folkstone: Inside Passenger Terminal, May 2002
Eurotunnel Folkstone: Outside Passenger Terminal, May 2002
Eurotunnel Folkstone: Waiting for security checking, May 2002

Farne Islands, July 2001
Fingringhoe Marshes, September 1981
Fishergate Shopping Centre, Preston, November 2003
Folkstone Eurotunnel: Inside Passenger Terminal, May 2002
Folkstone Eurotunnel: Outside Passenger Terminal, May 2002
Folkstone Eurotunnel: Waiting for security checking, May 2002
Frodsham: Rowers on the River Weaver, May 2006

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Gallows Hill, Chester, September 2004
Gee Cross Fete, June 2003
Gee Cross Fete, June 2004
Gee Cross Fete, June 2007
Gee Cross Fete, June 2008
Gee Cross Fete, June 2009
Gee Cross Fete, June 2010
Gee Cross Well Dressing: Village Green Well, July 2004
Gee Cross Well Dressing: Booth's Well, July 2004
Grand Hotel, New Brighton, September 2001
Great Hucklow: Well dressing, August 1999
Grosvenor Park, Chester: Tree Chair, August 2005
Grosvenor Park, Chester: Wood Sculpture, August 2005

Hampton Court Palace Gardens, May 1961
Hattersley and Longdendale from Werneth Low, November 1998
Helvellyn: View from Lake Windermere, March 2002
Hollingworth Lake, Littleborough, July 1999
Holy Island, September 1980
Horsey, August 1986
Hyde: Daily Photos
Hyde: James North Clock, April 2006
Hyde: Market Street, August 2003
Hyde: Streets Ahead Festival, June 2001

James North Clock, Hyde, April 2006

Keyhaven, January 1984
Keyhaven: View towards The Needles, January 1984

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Lake District viewed from Cleveleys, October 2004
Lancashire: M61 Junction with M6, 1977
Lands End: Aerial View, April 1985
Lichfield: Guildhall Clock, May 2006
Lichfield: Guildhall Portraits, May 2006
Lichfield: Guildhall Window, May 2006
Lincoln, 1971
Lincoln: Waterside, September 2003
Littleborough: Hollingworth Lake, July 1999
Littlemoss: M60 Northbound, July 2006
Littlemoss: M60 Northbound under construction, August 1999
Littlemoss: M60 Southbound under construction, August 1999
Liverpool: Albert Dock, 1990
Liverpool: Albert Dock, April 2006
Liverpool: Daffodils in Sefton Park, Toxteth, April 2001
Liverpool: Pierhead, November 2002
Liverpool: Wet Sunday, April 2006
London: Trafalger Square, 1978
London: Tower Bridge, 1988
London: View from the Monument, May 1961
London Road, Manchester: Approaching Piccadilly, September 2002
Longdendale and Hattersley from Werneth Low, November 1998
Loughborough: Thorpe Acre Trail, October 2000
Lytham St. Annes, 1977

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M60 Northbound, Littlemoss: , July 2006
M60 Northbound under construction at Littlemoss, August 1999
M60 Southbound under construction at Littlemoss, August 1999
M61 Junction with M6, Lancashire, 1977
Manchester Airport: Touching down, November 1999
Manchester: Approaching Piccadilly on London Road, September 2002
Manchester: The B Of The Bang, July 2006
Manchester: Cloudscape between Amsterdam and Manchester, November 1999
Manchester: Commonwealth Flags outside the Town Hall, July 2002
Manchester: Corporation Street, July 1998
Manchester: Corporation Street, December 1999
Manchester: Farmers' Market, July 2006
Manchester: Fountains in Piccadilly Gardens, July 2002
Manchester: Piccadilly Gardens, August 1998
Manchester: Piccadilly Gardens, July 2002
Marshside, Southport: Across the River Ribble to Blackpool, April 2003
Marshside: View towards Southport Pier, April 2003
Mawdesley Flower Festival, June 2000
Mottram-in-Longdendale: The Old Grammar School, January 2003

Nacton: River Orwell, July 1999
The Needles: View from Keyhaven, January 1984
Nether Alderley Mill, June 2001
New Brighton: Grand Hotel, September 2001
New Forest Ponies, 1971
North Leverton Windmill, September 1983
Nottingham: View from the Castle, September 2003

Orwell, River: Nacton, July 1999

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Peak Forest Canal at Whaley Bridge, July 1998
Peak Rail, Darley Dale, August 2000
Pendle Hill: View over Sabden, August 2001
Piccadilly, Manchester: Approaching on London Road, September 2002
Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, August 1998
Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, July 2002
Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester: Fountains, July 2002
Portland Basin, Ashton under Lyne, May 1999
Preston: Fishergate Shopping Centre, November 2003

Recorders Steps, Chester, September 2004
River Orwell, Nacton, July 1999
River Ribble and Blackpool from Marshside, Southport, April 2003
River Weaver, Frodsham: Rowers, May 2006
Rochdale, 1979
Runcorn: The Bridge, November 2002

Sabden: View from Pendle Hill, August 2001
St. Nicholas' Church, Wallasey, September 2001
St. Osyth Priory: Aerial View, September 1981
Scilly Isles, April 2000
Sefton Park, Toxteth, Liverpool: Daffodils, April 2001
Shrewsbury Abbey, April 2006
Shrewsbury Station: Chimney Pots, April 2006
Shrewsbury Station: Platform 3, April 2006
Snake Pass Summit: Bleaklow Hill, January 1999
Southampton: Chichester City Band on the Quayside (1), June 2006
Southampton: Chichester City Band on the Quayside (2), June 2006
Southampton: View from Cruise Center Terminal, July 2005
Southampton Airport: Waiting for a Taxi, June 2006
South Foreland: The White Cliffs of Dover, May 2002
Southport: Blackpool across the River Ribble from Marshside, April 2003
Southport Pier, October 1999
Southport Pier, December 1999
Southport Pier, April 2003
Southport Pier from Marshside, April 2003
Squire's Gate, Blackpool: Illuminations, October 1985
Stalybridge: Bridge, Church & Ice-Cream Van, July 2006
Stalybridge: Canal Lock, July 2006
Stokesay Castle, April 2006
Stonehenge, January 1984
Stratford on Avon: Chain ferry, September 2003

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Thorpe Acre Trail, Loughborough, October 2000
Tideswell, August 1999
Trafalger Square, London, 1978
Torside Reservoir & Bleak Torr, November 2005
Tower Bridge, London, 1988
Toxteth, Liverpool: Daffodils in Sefton Park, April 2001

Village Green Well, Gee Cross, July 2004

Wallasey: St. Nicholas' Church, September 2001
Waterside, Lincoln, September 2003
Welney Marsh, April 1979
Werneth Low: View of Hattersley and Longdendale, November 1998
Weston-super-Mare: Birnbeck Pier, April 2000
Whaley Bridge: Peak Forest Canal, July 1998
The White Cliffs of Dover, South Foreland, May 2002
Widnes: The Bridge, November 2002
Windermere: View towards Helvellyn, March 2002
Winnat's Pass, March 1982
Walsingham, August 1986

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