Photographs by Gerald England

Photographs by Gerald England
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Photographs from a visit to the Scilly Isles, April 2000

These photographs with the exception of the last three were taken with an Olympus 340D Digital Camera. The final three photographs are scans of ones taken in 1973 with a Kodak Instamatic Camera.

Penzance heliport in bad weather
Gateway from the Garrison, St Marys
Newman Battery
Morning Battery
Island Rover Bus
Hugh Town from Porth Loo
St Martin from Bar Point, St Marys
Vintage Bus
John Bordeaux's Pottery, Old Town, St Marys
Wild flowers on St Martins
Here be seals
Scillonian III docked at St Marys
In the Turks Head on St Agnes
Skybus at St Mary's Airport
Leaving St Marys
Approaching the Scillies in 1973
Approaching St Marys in 1973

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