Craig England's Photograph Album

Sequential list of photographs:
  1. At home, hugging mummy.
  2. With brother Ian at Stalybridge Station.
  3. With Mum and Ian at Bramley near Leeds.
  4. Mum & Dad's wedding anniversary at the Buxton, Gee Cross.
  5. With Grandma at Heritage House Open Day (Grandma's home).
  6. On the river at York.
  7. On the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead.
  8. In the lounge at Sussex Road, Southport - Craig's home while at college.
  9. 19th birthday party with friends in Southport.
  10. With flat-mate Matthew at Sussex Road, Southport.
  11. Conducting the Eccleston Silver Band at the Mawdsley Flower Festival.
  12. Graduation Day at Arden College.
  13. With Dad over 2000ft up on Aonach Mor near Ben Nevis.
  14. In Safeways Supermarket, Bredbury near Stockport.
  15. Weeding the back garden at home.
  16. At Peak Rail, Matlock.
  17. With Unit Manager, Christine Cockburn, at Arden College.
  18. With Dad in Fort Augustus, Scotland.
  19. On Pendle Hill, Lancashire.
  20. Relaxing after England beat Germany 5-1.
  21. At Southport Station with Dad, going home for half-term.
  22. Saying goodbye to Penny for the last time.
  23. At the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.
  24. At Manchester Airport.
  25. On Hyde Market.
  26. In the Garden at Chestnut Street, Southport.
  27. Passing Old Trafford on the bus.
  28. Collecting Arden College "Student of the Year" Award.
  29. With Grandma & brother Ian.
  30. Shopping at Asda, Hyde.
  31. Brother Ian's birthday.
  32. Candle smoke.
  33. Mummy's birthday.
  34. Family portrait.
  35. Christmas Day.
  36. 23rd birthday in Liverpool.
  37. Gee Cross Fete, 2004.
  38. Ian and mum in Liverpool.
  39. Family at Seacombe.
  40. Christmas shopping in Hyde.
  41. Christmas dinner.
  42. With Greg and the Special Olympics Torch.
  43. Mothers Day.
  44. At Gee Cross Fete with housemate Graham and support worker Joanne.
  45. With Mum and Ian in Lark Lane, Liverpool.
  46. At Torside.
  47. 25th birthday at Hyde Methodist Coffee Morning

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