Gee Cross Well Dressing, June 15th 2012

Village Green Well

This year the Guides, Brownies and Rainbows have departed from their usual Guiding theme to focus on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Keeping to a red, white, blue and gold colour theme, they looked at the symbolic regalia used at the Coronation.

The "Sovereign's Orb" is a hollow sphere of gold set with over 600 precious stones and pearls symbolising the rule of Christ over the earth.

The "Coronation Ring" is set with a sapphire, crossed by the Cross of St George in small rubies, a seal of fath signifying the marriage of the monarch to the people.

The "Jewelled Sword of Offering" is used in the ceremony as the "Great Sword of State" is too heavy and cumbersome. It has a gold covered leather scabbard, a Damascus steel blade and is studded with 3476 precious stones.

The "Union Flag" combines the English flag - a red cross on a white background - with the Scottish flag - a diagonal red cross on a blue background - and the Irish flag - a diagonal red cross on a white background. It symbolises the union of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Photograph Copyright: Gerald England, 2012

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