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Gerald England is a British poet, living on the edge of the Pennines with his lace-making wife, Christine. He has been active on the small press scene for over 30 years and runs the small press New Hope International. He has published eleven collections of poetry andhad his worktranslated into several languages. Of his latest collection Limbo Time, Poetry Quarterly Review wrote: "his work is both personal and accessible and presents an original view of life." He runs the internet mailing list Haikutalk, and is editor of a guide to haiku and related genres, The Art of Haiku ,


sunday-morning sex
lasts only as long as the
children's video
just a single dove
atop our back garden tree
on Valentine's day
smearing the window
marks of a twitcher's nose -
our dog bird-watching
flying faster
than the ferry
hot afternoon
moorland sheep doze
under stones

Author: Gerald England
Carrie Etter


"sunday-morning sex" - Haiku Quarterly (UK), The Haiku 100 (Iron Press, UK)
"just a single dove" - Stop Gap (UK)
"smearing the window" - Pulsar (UK)
"seagulls" - Fragments(Hub, UK)

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