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"Beyond the Sun" appeared in International Poetry (USA 1994).

Gerald England is a British poet, living on the edge of the Pennines with his lace-making wife, a son and a Manchester terrier. He has been active on the small press scene for over 27 years and edits New Hope International. He has published ten collections of poetry and been translated into several languages. His work has also appeared on various websites and he is a member of Cyberscribers, a group of writers on the Internet.

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Beyond the Sun

by Gerald England

    Beyond the sun
    beyond Andromeda
    beyond the black holes of the Anti-Thou
    in the white light of eternity
    our souls will mate
    You sit beside me in the car
    The slow policeman
    whom I dare to overtake
    on the motorway
    is en route to a rugby match
    I do not know who won or lost
    There is fog on the tops
    This time I do not dare
    to overtake
    I put my trust in the eternal Thou
    And beyond the sun
    or in an upstairs room
    I am not afraid of the Anti-Thou
    I shall continue the journey
    with you beside me
    We shall proceed
    travelling at a safe speed
    We shall fall into no black holes
    In the white light of eternity
    our souls will mate

Poetry by Gerald England

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