An Alphenga contains 26 links in the 3/2/3 form. The first link begins with A, the second with B, etc.. An Alphenga may be done solo or with partners.


It was created by Alexis K. Rotella on the 28 June1997.


Copyright Alexis K. Rotella 1997



WAITING by Gerald England





A solo Alphenga by Gerald England
Hyde, Cheshire, UK
27 January 1998



always the long wait
to see the doctor
at the eye clinic


blue flowers in a vase
starting to wilt


caught short
the little girl squirms
her mother looks cross


dreading the needle
middle-aged man shivers


early morning
terrier barks furiously
at approaching milkman


fog-bound passengers
phoning their loved ones


gulls wheel
behind the cruise liner
expecting scraps


holy mountain
hell for climbers


in the gallery
next to the nude
a portrait of mary


january sales
city traffic gridlocks


kicking the habit
ex-smoker spits out
chewed up pencil ends


licking his lips
at the bride's first meal


master cueman
escapes the snooker
and pots another red


neon lights flashing
above the bordello


only one customer
enters the doors
the pub with no beer


preparing for her night's work
the stripper gets all dressed up


querying the bill
angry diner swallows
the torn-up pieces


resolving the argument
in adjacent beds


stuck in the quicksand
tractors and ladders
work against the tide


tempted by salesman's offer
her nest egg cracked open


under lock and key
his collection
of used underwear


vacuuming the carpet
her latest fetish


winter storms forecast
they struggle with tarpaulins
to cover the boat


xeroxing the plans
for the christmas party


yellow crocuses
emerge early --
frostless new year


zealously guarding
his innermost thoughts




Copyright Gerald England 1998

Poetry by Gerald England

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