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An account of 20 years of Small Press Publishing.

Articles by George Cairncross, Andy Darlington, Gerald England, Mabel Ferrett, Anne Lewis-Smith, William Oxley, Christopher Pilling and Irene Twite. Original poetry by George Cairncross, Cal Clothier, Andy Darlington, John Elsberg, Mabel Ferrett, Peter Finch, Eddie Flintoff, John Gonzalez, Martin Grampound, David Holliday, Geoffrey Holloway, Henny Kleiner, Cecily Lambert, Anne Lewis-Smith, Mabel McGowan, Colin Nixon, Mary Noakes, William Oxley, Margaret Perkins, Christopher Pilling, Miklós Radnóti (translated by Thomas Land), Steve Sneyd, David Stringer, C E Stuart and Irene Twite.

ISBN 0 903610 10 8
Sample poem

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