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Astronomy without borders above and below
Astropoetica Tanka
Cosmopoetry post-eclipse
blood-red eyes
sharp frost
Sunspot haiku
radiant sky
Newton & The Striking Apple
Mars passes
in a cold field
something stirs
January eclipse tanka
Realm of telescopes
across light years

as the tide rolls out
Evening energy
August evening

Through the light
Drunken Boat overnight sprinkle of snow
A Snail Bounces
orange-tipped half-disc
the wheelie-bin sits
An Ordinary Day
the hours from dawn to dusk
The Markey
Famous Poets & Poems Mid-December
Astropoetry on the Peak
England's Openers
October Forecast
The Last Time Ever
Fire Lucky Pierre
Ode To The Avant-Garde Poster
Eight Eights
Franice Porad: A Tribute Two Haiku
Haiga Online dentist's waiting room
The Qaqortoq Collection
Haijinx using a brochure
Haiku Club on moulting mare's back
Haiku Oz Tribute to W J Higginson
A Hundred Gourds town hall steps
forty years married
Intercultural Platform Six Poems
Background Music
Putting the Horror Movie in Context
Lucky Pierre
October Night
Mrs. Green
Karolina-Rijecka over the flat stones
Morpo Review Bread
Paradise Beyond Glossop
Poephysics If
To M.M.
Denmark is Legoland
The Poetry Kit Drowning by Degrees
Poetry Scotland Callander Poetry Weekend
Poetry Writing i.m. Cid Corman
Red Booth Review Holland
Renku Home The Click of Mahjong Tiles A Kasen Renku with Carole MacRury, Norman Darlington, Hortensia Anderson, Susan Shand, John E Carley, John W. Sexton and William J. Higginson.
Ripples how many bells?
Shadow Train Waiting Backwards
Shamrock hailstones
Starless heaven
in formation
Sketchbook first frost
December morning
January rain
early February
is it spring yet
March night
daffs in the lawn
not yet Easter
cautious footsteps
tired lawn
June arrives
summer torrent
power lines
Snakeskin For Those That Cry
Front Room Party Recital
Unlikely Stories And Every Star Shall Shine
Clinging To The Valley
The Imagemaker
Lame Dog Love Poem
My Last Poem About Snow
You, Being Absent, The Cat
Version several haiku translated into Russian
Xaiku Evening Star An Ura Shiro renga with Carole MacRury, Norman Darlington, Hortensia Anderson, Susan Shand, John E Carley, John W. Sexton and William J. Higginson.
Your Daily Poem Mid-December
Work archived from other sites
Anglo-Japanese Tanka Society Tanka
Clouds Peak Five haiku
Conspire Tanka 11
Vacation Time
The Bay at the Back of the Ocean
Contemporary Haibun Online Scilly 2000
Dark Planet Beyond The Sun
The Experiment
Schroedinger's Thought Experiment
EOTU Adams
Gravity The Fields of Bosnia
One Over
Haikumania Thorpe Acre Trail Ginko
In Posse Review December Waters
Perihelion Bennachie
The Pink Cadillac Review Viewing The Comet
Red Booth Review Holland
see haiku here Haiga by Kuniharu Shimizu
The Same California Bound
Snakeskin For Those That Cry
Front Room Party Recital Confessions of Crysthete [XI]
Still Waiting
Sydney Mosaic A Wife's Portrait
The Wings of the Angel Two Souls United Make One Angel
World Haiku Association Five Haiku
Work on this site
The Art of Haiku Selections from Ukku Spring Haiku 2006
Books by Gerald England The Artificial Insemination Blues
Christmas Present
Miss V
Moon Rising Over The Shropshire Hills
Mother England
One View Or Another
The Rainbow
Land of the Long White Cloud Stargazing in New Zealand
Privind La Stele In Noua Zeelanda [translated into Romanian by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe]
Penny walking to the vets
Pickings Greta Garbo on the Blackpool Bus
Limbo Time
Work on blogs
Ackworth born, gone West November 5th
big Io cheers
Arrival in Nottingham
sunset comet
splashes of colour
one line haiku
a pair of tits
the bridge
To M.M.
off Greenland
holiday dream
sharp frost
common ground
shadow and light
castle wall
a body of water
Deep space objects
sun-spot haiku
Chapel Garth

on balance
Craig and Ian
Singapore heat

riverside path
Sciurus carolinensis
a kind of beauty
a smile
Newton and the Striking Apple
city haze
Six Yorkshire Haiku
January rain
winter wonder
By A Sleepy English Village
loose change
Easter Sunday
cold Saturday
splash of water
West window
Mars passes
Status Quo
the transient tulip
through a window
Arrabella the Arachnid
Viewing the Comet
Sally Walsh's dam
in a cold field
Christmas Eve morning
Laboratooriumi --
Russia's Venice
fish market

something stirs
across the pond
The Great Galileo Spin
ten kisses
Haiga for Leslie Moon
Groatsend Found Sound Poem
through the light
Autumn salford station
the sun rises
through leafless trees
september sun
Autumn Haiku 2007 savage wind
beside the path
chestnut husks
after city streets
cemetery wall
late October
graveyard corner
Autumn Haiku 2008 behind green steel
over the fence
autumn pleasures
Bill Higginson gone
shade all gone
into winter
Beer Haiku Daily Two haiku
Bolts of Silk Escape
Why Did You Come?
Both Sides Out
Falling Leaves autumn gale
sun out
fat magpie
autumn breeze
Haiku Hike Callander Haiku Hike
Ink Sweat & Tears Underfoot
Poet-in-Residence Limbo Time
Prakalpana World SarbangiN PoetrY
Sithenah Feathered Friends
Spring spring equinox
going nowhere
Spring Haiku 2007 is it spring yet
coming home
March night
daffs in the lawn
two magpies fight
not yet Easter
Spring Haiku 2008 end of tax year
Easter day
Paignton 2008
daffodils dead
first of May
Spring Haiku 2009 a coal tit sings
manchester rain
fallen tree
Summer after the funeral
Summer Haiku shrivelled daffodils
thunder moon
cooler night
Summer Haiku 2007 cleveleys
tired lawn
June arrives
post midnight
summer torrent
power lines
Summer Haiku 2008 denied
The moor
half the year gone
Tourists with cameras
Summer Haiku 2009 mid-summer night
strolling through summer
Ukku Spring Haiku island marina
spring fever
out of Manchester
spring morning
shopping village
under willow
openly looking
before leaving
keeping her head down
yellow and blue
spring clean
spring forward
overnight rain
spring moves
Easter Sunday
trees drip
Winter last tanka of 2009
frozen fingers
Winter Haiku 2006 bonfire night
across the street
January wind
Winter Haiku 2007 first frost
Sciurus carolinensis
January rain
first daffodil
Winter Haiku 2008/2009 the back way home
nothing on the tree
down the line
Christmas Eve morning
Kessmas day
snow has thawed
World Kigo Database harbour entrance
York Daily Photo Remembering Guy Fawkes

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