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This guide started out as both a record of old blogs and a listing of new blogs. Although arising originally from the City Daily Photo Blog lists this is an independent publication.

Here I tried to include all blogs that vaguely followed Eric's original concept, whether members of the CDPB family or not.

However in order to keep the workload manageable, for some time now I've been deleting dead and spasmodically posting blogs and am only adding new blogs whose owners contact me personally through the CDPB Facebook group.

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Blog name Author (s) Earliest archived post Comments
Abingdon Blog back streeter 1st Jan 2006 UK
Adelaide and Beyond Dianne 27th Jan 2011 Australia
Albany (NY) Daily Photo Paula Lamire 29th Apr 2009 USA
Amboise Daily Photo Stuart 2nd Feb 2013 France
Alburquerque Daily Photo Helen Vanderbeek 24th May 2006 USA
Ashland Daily Photo not stated 17th Aug 2008 USA
Auckland Daily Photo Lachezar 14th Aug 2006 New Zealand
Auckland - West Paul 24th Dec 2009 New Zealand
Austin, Texas Daily Photo Linda Ball & Forrest Preece 17th May 2007 USA
Avignon in Photos Nathalie Beaumes 18th Aug 2007 France; text in French
Avignon Michael Benoit 28th Oct 2007 France; text in French

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