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  • After the sunset, praise the day.
  • He caught the Moon with his hands and the Sun with his feet.
  • The Sun, even as the Sun, cannot lighten all the valleys anymore.
  • The Sun lightens all day long, but he is not seen all time.
  • Illness appears where the Sun doesn't penetrate at all.
  • The Sun warms alike the good man and the bad man.
  • The shadow moves from the Sun
  • Even the iron softens in front of the Sun.

from I.Zanne's Collection, 1907

Photo of 1998 solar eclipse


You are in debt to someone,
But your passion is dead.
Don't change the close sun
For the remote giant star, I said.

* * *

Vulnerable men, hit by destiny.
They are called... "idealist".
There isn't any Sun in space
Without a few spots at least.

* * *

Protect me from life and light,
The magic tandem of the stars.
Protect me from the Sun,
As I don't fear pulsars.

* * *

Destiny shouting. Stop and listen to it!
This is a rare chance.
Its mouth is just like
A solar protuberance.

* * *

I dissipated slices of infinity
For finding my flight.
Who is afraid of the darkness
Loses his own light.

* * *

If only you don't feel your feet
You can have a splendid run.
Not even a total eclipse
Can banish the old proud Sun


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