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A square, a circle,
An' a spiky triangle
Wer' hevin' a fratch,
An' a bit of a jangle.
Sed t' square to t' circle
"Hey! Sithee! Cum here!
Tha rullies araand,
But tha's getting' noa-wheer."
Then t' circle turned
To t' prickly triangle
"An doant thee poake me
Wi' that bristly angle.
Tha might ha' thi points,
Wi' that ah'll agree;
But if it cums to perfection,
Ah can mak rings araand thee."
Then t' triangle sed
"Ah'm modern an' "With it",
They carn't call me square
When three sahdes is mi limit;
An' when fowk get bunkered
In ther own marriage tangles;
They mu'nt blame me
Fer t' "eternal triangle."
An' soah they puled on
In a scandalous way;
Net helpin' one bit
Wi' t' problems o' t' day.
But as they competed
Fer t' prize slangin' cup
Old Euclid cum by
An' swiped 'em all up.


Fred Brown (1893-1980) is considered one of the finest Yorkshire dialect poets of the 20th century, a true poet of distinction, rather than a mere versifier.

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