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moonrise Moonrise
The sun must be tucked in by twilight
to be up with the lark, while the moon
can retire any time around midnight
and resurface the next afternoon.
sunset Sunset
The brazen sun is in the west
painting magic with her brush.
And as she bows she bares her breast.
The modest moon can only blush.
twilight Twilight
No more shall the sun
rob the moon of success;
he's already begun
to help Venus undress.
dusk Dusk
The moon is like a gypsy
who drinks beneath the stars;
he's soon a wee bit tipsy
and thinks he lives on Mars.
midnight Midnight
In the moon's candid light
ragged clouds leap to fame,
then drown in the night
like moths in a flame.
cock-crow Cock-crow
Distress is often left unspoken;
likewise when the moon goes down.
His tongue is tied, his spirit broken,
blue the head that wore a crown.
dawn Dawn
As dew compels the hardy lawn
to shelter each ellipse,
so music tells the tardy dawn
to shatter night's eclipse.


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photographs Gerald England, 2005

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