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WordWizards is an International group of writers: poets, novelists, short story writers, essayists and others who through email discuss the world of writing, disseminate information, offer help, criticism and general support to other members of the group.


  • WordWizards are international writers, and our differences are as varied as the countries in which we reside; we attempt to expose various cultural writings through the use of cyberspace. We welcome that diversity; indeed we expect and thrive on it.

  • Please participate in the critiques and comments. Lurk awhile if you feel the need but eventually we expect you to both post some pieces of your work to the group and to critique others.

  • The discussion group is for feedback, critique of work, general talk about writing, and a place to get to know other writers.

  • Before joining the list, members are asked to introduce themselves to the moderators. We respect privacy but complete anonymity is not allowed.

  • Once you have joined, messages to the list should be sent to
    wordwizards at yahoogroups dot com

  • When submitting to the group please use the following in the subject line:
    Type: (e.g. poem, essay, prose, short-story, critique, news);
    Title ;
    {Theme} If your post contains strong language, violence or explicit sexuality the theme is Adult/Erotica or Adult/Violent. Otherwise theme is optional.

  • Please keep personal conversations to group members on a private basis. Personal attacks on individuals will not be tolerated.

  • Cross-posting is not allowed.

    Do not send messages to the list and to other lists or to groups of addresses which include non-members simultaneously. Send your message to the list as a separate email to the list only.

  • Mandatory: Forwarding messages:

    Messages on this list are private to this list.

    Messages posted to WordWizards should not be forwarded to anyone off the list.
    The only exceptions are:

    • if the author of the post (including any other author whose writing is quoted therein) gives you their express permission to forward the message to another person:

    • messages whose sole content relates to competitions or magazines seeking contributions or to events freely open to the public.

    • In all cases where a message is forwarded it must be made clear to the recipients that the message has been forwarded from this list.

  • The only types of messages that should be forwarded to the list are ones related to marketing opportunities. The names of the original recipients (but not the original sender) should be removed before forwarding and a foreword included stating why you are forwarding the information to the group.

  • Make sure the "reply to" address is the one you want. The default reply address points to the list so it's very easy to address private replies to the whole list without noticing, while sometimes messages intended for the whole list go only to a single email address.

  • Some people have to pay for incoming mail based on the size and amount of that mail. Please remember this when you reply to a message. Stop first and consider whether your response is really of interest to the whole group, or should be privately addressed to the author of the message.

  • Please set your mail program so that you post messages in plain/text without coding (in particular avoid "quoted/printable" settings) and not in HTML or other settings such as "multipart/alternative" and do not attempt to send "attachments" of any kind.

  • It is often essential to quote PART of a posting in order to put your reply into context. The usual rule is that you should never quote more than your reply, but it depends on circumstances. Over-quoting of previous messages is especially annoying to digest subscribers. It is not difficult and only takes a moment to edit out all but the essential parts of the quoted message to which you are replying. In particular, you should edit out the bottom advertising banner.

  • To join the list please visit the group website

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