Qaqortoq Sunday July 10th 2005

I visited Qaqortoq on July 10th 2005 whilst cruising on the P&O ship Aurora.

I published an account of the cruise at Cruise 2005

I also published many photographs including several of Qaqortoq. Following on from an email correspondence with Mrs. Pitsi Høegh, the manager of Qaqortoq Turistforening, I am now making available 27 unedited original photographs.

The table below has thumbnails. To view the originals, click on the label that indicates the "file size". Some of the photograph files are quite large so may take some time to download if your connection is slow. They will open in a separate window.

Please note that all these images are the copyright of Gerald England. If you wish to publish any of them, either in their original form, edited or resized in any way, then please contact me first. Provided my copyright is acknowledged then permission is unlikely to be refused.

For a contrasting look at Qaqortog see the pictures by Jens-Jørgen Kjærgaard of Qaqortoq 1993-2005

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thumbnail 1 308kb
Approaching Qaqortoq
thumbnail 2 463 kb
Approaching Qaqortoq
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thumbnail 4 1309 kb  
thumbnail 5 1367 k 
thumbnail 6 1585 kb  
Thumbnail 7 1402 kb 
Thumbnail 8 686 kb 
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thumbnail 12 567 kb 
thumbnail 13 943 kb 
thumbnail 14 546 kb 
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thumbnail 17 993 kb 
thumbnail 18 747 kb 
thumbnail 19 850 kb 
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