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Ukku Spring Haiku 2006

Ukku Spring Haiku 2006 was a weblogging community for haiku poets interested in recording the coming and progress of Spring 2006.

The site and community was open from the full moon on February 13th 2006 to the full moon on 13th April 2006, the date at which the length of day exceeds the night here in the UK.

The name ukku comes from the UK haiku poets mailing list of the same name (uk ku) run by Alison Williams.

The site was to be finally closed in January 2007, but has been given a reprieve and can still be visited.

These pages record and present the selected works of some of the authors and artists who contributed to the blog.

| Angelee Deodhar | Gerald England | Laryalee Fraser | Denis M Garrison | David A Giacalone | Eric Houck Jr (1) | Eric Houck Jr (2) | Eric Houck Jr (3) | J Andrew Lockhart (1) | J Andrew Lockhart (2) |Paul David Mena | Alan Summers (1) | Alan Summers (2) | Alison Williams |
photo by Gabriel Ivanescu; 
text by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

The other contributors were Aurora, John Barlow, Jason Sandford Brown, Norman Darlington, Dustin aka Texas Haijin, Eric Dutton, Little Onion, Matt Morden, RedGreenBen, Sangeet, Timothy and Yansidara.

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