The Art of Haiku


view from the Griffin
big bale silage
peppermint lime
  toy town greens
and liquorice snips
a hundred thousand heifers dot the hillside
contemplating clouds
my neighbour
counts the cash remaining
girl in fishnet top reverses Nissan Prairie
not so young
when to brace
  the leaves are learning
and when to bend
gales of laughter greet the best profanities
pissed enough
the jokes that men tell
  to be profound
in the loo
gaps in memory recall the gaps in teeth
Highway in the Sky
soft as drizzle
  a necklace
sharp as night
drinking all the colours of Haslingden flag


  • The Griffin is a public house in Haslingden, Lancashire, UK
  • 'Highway in the Sky' is the local nickname for the A56/M65 spur. As befits the new brutalism of UK plc it is lit with sufficient candle power to be visible from Alpha Centurai with the naked antenna.
  • Haslingden flag is a durable carboniferous sandstone. Mixing pleasantly warm tones of brown it will quarry and dress as large flagstones which do not become slippy when wet. For this reason it paves some of Britain's more prestigious public places like Trafalgar Square. You can see the quarry from the pub, just beyond that sheep over there.


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