The Art of Haiku

There are no seasons here. Having been whisked out of winter and into summer for some time I find myself at a loss for words.
          a ginger cat
          among the purple petals
          evening shade
The lunar eclipse. Watching the brightness turn a dull red in the clearest of skies, full of stars, there seems to be nothing to say.
          the evening star
          and the moon together
          in deep blue
          distances can
          be deceptive
The land is mostly barren and bleak, dust and rock.
          in the hollow of a dune
A precious few spots of rain fall from a cloud that melts away in minutes.
          evening haze
          a rainbow
          over the malpais
In El Cotillo there is an internet cafe. Its own web site, like much of the town, is under construction. It promises some kind of contact, but connections fail.
          missing our arguments
          on the future of haiku
          the wind in the palms
malpais: The badlands areas of barren volcanic lava rock.
² with apologies to Brian Tasker.

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