The Art of Haiku


Darkness falls quickly
When you live in the city
Smelt purple stormclouds

The phone rang

It's wet again here
I don't think you should come yet
Maybe later on

He hung up

On the wind I heard
A sound like an accident
The smash of wet mouths

I made tea

The chair was made from
A lovely mahogany
Under the window

I looked out

In dark space a light
In my neighbour's dining room
He sat all alone

I looked in

He couldn't see me
I was hidden in the night
His hand to his face

Picked his nose

I was mesmerized
Lightning struck the antennae
We studied his snot

Sipped the tea

Elegant fingers
Thunder landed on the street
Got every last bit

He ate some

That night in my bed
I dreamed of probing fingers
In tight sticky holes

Woke up late

Out on the footpath
I bumped into my neighbour
With his handsome eyes

And tall legs

How about dinner
Sometime he asked with a smile
And tilted his head

I looked up

At the winter sky
And at two flaring nostrils
Drawing me inside

I eat out

I said and ran laughing all the way down the street
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